Security Cameras

Never worry about being home again. With your new system from UTS you're able to have eyes everywhere and can view it at your finger tips! Let that intruder know you’re not playing! "I see YOU!”

Ethernet Connection

No more wireless interference, lagging, or standing on one foot trying to get the strongest signal throughout your home. UTS will put that in the past and bring you back on your two feet!

Video Intercom

UTS will turn your door bell into a person to person video portal allowing you to have access to your guest without them having access to your home. Allowing you to grant access when you're comfortable.

Remote Door Buzzers

No more wires, no more unauthorized access, no more worrying while stepping away. Allow UTS to create a wireless connection between you and your door allowing you to grant access.

TV Mounting

Making an amazing piece of technology become art work mounted on your wall. Don’t allow that new flat screen TV go to waste sitting on a stand. UTS will make it come alive!