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Be the James Bond in your home. Stay in the known!

In today’s world security is a must. It’s imperative that we are aware of what is happening on our property at all times. Having the correct user friendly security equipment is a must as well. Here at UTS, we understand the importance of creating simplicity and what it does for a client in their busy lifestyle. Allow UTS to provide you with the best equipment options and training to ensure your family and friends are safe while you are away!

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Ethernet Connection

Bringing you a secure wired connection in the times that matter. No more wireless lagging, no more complaining!

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Tv Mounting

Where elegance meets technology. Allow UTS to mount your new or old TV so we can create that new great look. Because detail does matter!

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Remote Door Buzzers

Unauthorized access is not wanted. UTS will prevent that! We will create a wireless bond between you and your office or home door allowing you to open it by the click of a button.

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